See notes. The perfect food to start your morning. This is low FODMAP diet friendly, as well as gluten free! This Sweet Potato Sausage Breakfast Casserole is standout delicious. Sweet Potato Sausage and Egg Breakfast Casserole – a healthy breakfast casserole perfect for a large breakfast or brunch with your whole family. They are easy to to throw together and hit the spot when you need some comfort food. Breakfast casseroles reheat quite well and I just love having breakfast already ready for busy mornings. They are amazing. It’s super easy to put together, and once you have everything in your casserole dish (or skillet), its hands off for the remainder of the cook. Paleo Breakfast Casserole This delicious and somewhat nutritious paleo breakfast casserole is great for upcoming holidays. While sweet potatoes are cooking, place a large sauté pan over medium heat. I am excited to start January 2021 by doing Whole30. I made it once, ate leftover for the next three days. And easy healthy dairy free breakfast … This whole30 breakfast casserole recipe made such an impression that I remembered it years later! Eric and I had this whole30 breakfast casserole for the first time a few years ago at our friends’ house in Arizona when we were visiting for their wedding. Whole30, paleo, grain-free, vegetarian (with a vegan option). There’s nothing quite like a good casserole. for real! The amazing flavor from the Chorizo does most of the talking, while the touch of sweetness from the sweet potatoes … It’s packed with veggies, protein, healthy fat, and is simple to make in one pan. Ben and I don’t adhere to any particular diet, and we’ve been loving starting our mornings with these filling, nutritious bowls. Get The Whole30 Breakfast Casserole Recipe Below! Made with sweet potato, turkey sausage, and eggs. If you are looking for a crowd-pleasing breakfast recipe that doesn’t require you to get up at the crack of dawn, this sweet potato sausage, and egg breakfast casserole is perfect for you! It’s filled with chunks of sweet potato, sausage, and more. Serve immediately. Starting your day with a nourishing Whole30 Breakfast allows you to make smarter choices throughout the day because you are not just grabbing any food in sight. When I first made this Sweet Potato Breakfast Casserole, I was in love! It’s made with ground pork, sweet potatoes and eggs, and is incredibly filling and flavorful. A successful Whole30 requires some planning. If you’re on the Whole30 diet, you’re going to want to try out this Whole 30 Breakfast Casserole! It’s paleo, whole30 compliant, and AIP. Last updated on October 4, 2020. Plus, it's nice to look at! Paleo Version Instructions: Cook sweet potatoes in desired manner, until soft. Start here with this list of the best Whole30 breakfast recipes to add to your meal planning. Ingredients. From a classic combo, to an egg-free, and even a sweet option, these stuffed sweet potatoes make easy, healthy, and satisfying healthy breakfast recipes. Toss diced sweet potatoes in fat and sprinkle with salt; Place sweet potatoes on baking sheet and bake for 20-25 minutes, until soft. Egg free breakfasts can be hard! Alternatively, peel the potatoes, and boil them in salted water in a large stock pot until fork tender, about 20 minutes. Make this for a crowd or for your weekly meal prep! This turkey & sweet potato breakfast hash is an amazing egg free breakfast! The first, base layer of this sweet potato egg casserole begins as all yummy things in this universe do: with carbs. Let cool, slice down the middle, and scoop out cooked interior. This Paleo + Whole30 Sweet Potato Casserole might just change your life…. A warm and comforting home-style paleo whole30 breakfast casserole. Remove the sweet potatoes and turn the oven to 350 degrees if you are not prepping the casserole the night before. Prep this easy Whole30 Breakfast Casserole over the weekend and have breakfast ready for you for the week ahead. Easy whole30 breakfast for meal prep; make ahead and eat throughout the week! Whole30 Easy Breakfast Casserole . When you're on Whole30, toast, cereal, and oatmeal won't fly.But that doesn't mean you have to eat a plate of boring scrambled eggs each and every day. Most of these recipes are great prepped ahead of time, but there are also some Whole30 Breakfast Recipes for the weekends or to make your weekday breakfast even more exciting if you have the time. It also happens to be an easy Whole30 and … This list of 20 Whole30 casseroles will give you some great healthy options for those comfort food cravings. Made it again and ate the leftovers all week. Next, combine the ground pork in a medium bowl (hint: use the bowl you just used for your sweet potatoes) with the garlic powder, salt, sage, thyme, cumin and pepper. I was more interested in the method and combination of ingredients. They are usually so easy to put together, and everyone seems to enjoy them. Sweet Potato Whole30 Breakfast Bowl This delicious, creamy sweet potato pudding by 40 Aprons will totally hit the spot when you wake up with sugar cravings. Uh huh, uh huh, uh huh. Cook until no pink remains in meat. I love breakfast casseroles! This sweet potato breakfast hash is the perfect savory breakfast! This Sweet Potato Breakfast Skillet has it all — kale, bacon, and eggs, making this a perfect 1 pan meal. I know tons of people who have similar Sweet Potato Casserole recipes floating around! For this recipe I’m using Nellie’s Free Range Eggs. Good recipe. Little nuggets of jewel-toned, orange sweet potato gems and zesty onions swirl around in BACON FAT (!!!) Add breakfast sausage and yellow onion. This breakfast casserole is super simple, yet bustling with flavor. I love sweet potatoes. This Whole30 Breakfast Casserole is packed full of flavor, great for meal prepping, and great for brunches! I get a ton of questions asking how in the world you can sustain a healthy diet without eggs for breakfast. You also certainly don’t need to be following Whole30 to enjoy them! These recipes are all gluten free, dairy free, paleo and Whole30 compliant. I had one very long slim A perfect Whole30 breakfast option, this skillet is a great for meal prep and delicious for any meal. Make it for a comforting brunch or meal prep it to have on hand for the week - paleo, Whole30, gluten & dairy free! This is my grandmother’s recipe from WAY back in the day, and it originates in Kentucky! Easy Whole30 Breakfast Casserole (Paleo Keto) - Only 5 ingredients! It's packed with sausage, sweet potatoes, onion, and peppers and seasoned with your classic southwestern flavors. | ‘Tis the season for breakfast casseroles! This simple recipe contains no cheese, bread, or dairy but has all the flavor of your favorite traditional breakfast casserole. Baked sweet potatoes stuffed with blueberries, bananas, and cashew butter. Sprinkle the baked sweet potato mixture with streusel topping and return to oven for about 10-15 minutes until crumble is lightly browned. Have you ever stuffed a sweet potato before? Paleo & Whole30 Sweet Potato Breakfast made in 3 different ways! until golden brown and tender, and then get a little cozy with warm spices and a little bright tomato action. Bake 6 medium sweet potatoes, pierced a few times with a sharp knife, at 375°F for about an hour. After the 25 minutes, remove the sweet potato mash. 1 tbsp ghee (melted to coat the pan) 1 large or 2 small sweet potatoes or white potatoes (diced) 1 small zucchini diced; 1/2 yellow onion diced; 2 cups chopped spinach; 12 eggs whisked ; 1/2 tsp garlic powder A Whole30 sweet breakfast with NO eggs, these easy breakfast bowls will be a welcome reprieve. Great for meal prep or a make-ahead on-the-go breakfast! A mouthwatering breakfast, perfect for weekend mornings. It’s stellar for all the brunches and breakfast-for-dinners. It’s wheat free, dairy free, and is Whole30 approved. A super tasty and easy breakfast dish, this Whole30 Sweet Potato and Sausage Casserole will be a hit!