All of the fridges we look at here are generally efficient, but some brands are able to achieve greater energy efficiency due to better insulation, configuration, and compressor controls. The unique design of the Evakool Fridge Freezers offers you the flexibility to adjust the capacity of both the fridge and freezer compartments. In our quest to find the best refrigerator for vanlife, we analyzed over 25 different models from six of the most popular adventure fridge manufacturers. So get out there and start exploring! How much fridge space do you need? Since all these numbers have caveats and may not be directly comparable, we’ve treated energy efficiency more as a discussion point in our analysis. 3.9 out of 5 stars 6. A good 12V fridge is one of the biggest investments you’ll make when building your van. Your email address will not be published. BougeRV 23 Quart 12V Portable Refrigerator Car Freezer Fridge with Compressor,12/24V DC 110~240 Volt AC,-7℉~50℉ for Truck Van RV Jeep Camper SUV Boat,Travel Camping Road Trips Tailgating 4.4 … Wherever possible, we obtained test data on average amp draw directly from the manufacturers. But they’re wildly inefficient on 12V DC power, running them all the time on 110V AC means additional drain from your inverter, and running them on propane means you have more fuel lines to deal with (and you’ll have to vent the fridge to the outside). Coolers do have many drawbacks that make them less than ideal for full time living. 3-way absorption fridges are more commonly found in RVs, and in our opinion don’t make much sense for vanlife. Freezers tend to have thicker insulation than fridges, which means that your DIY fridge will be more efficient than a standard mini-fridge. Check the type of compressor in the 12v fridge. They feature strong powder-coated zinc steel construction, and their very low power usage will help you keep your food cold on an off-grid solar setup. See the entire Dometic Waeco CFX3 range featuring models from 35 litres up to 94 litres. Performance simply cannot be beaten and it will run for 3 days old a 5-year old 125Ah battery which is long past its best. Required fields are marked *. Engel fridge/freezers run on battery power (12V/24V DC) or 110V/120V AC, so you can use your Engel to make life a little easier, whether you’re on the road, on the water or at home. ARB fridges include all the features you expect, like low voltage cutoff, digital display, interior lighting, removable lid, and drain plug. Engel fridges are on the high end in terms of price, so this is not a budget buy. Q: What is the best 12v fridge for RV? Part of the reason is that cold air naturally sinks. You can't use multiple times the same shortcode. If you want to see the data we’ve collected on all 25+ models that we looked at, we’ve compiled it into a detailed spreadsheet. But if your budget allows, we recommend adding a solar panel kit. The DP2600X is a Stainless Steel 2 Door Fridge & Freezer with 230 litres of capacity. The lid on these fridges hinges from the back, making the ARB our top choice overall if you need a rear-hinged lid. Absorption Refrigerators (3-way) Absorption cooled refrigerators (sometimes called 3-way) began gaining popularity among the RV … Leading Brands. Or what size Caravan Fridge will suit my existing cut out or fridge recess? Dometic Waeco CFX-65W Fridge / Freezer Review: Overall Score % Buy at One spreadsheet. Refrigeration means you can store fresh food and other cold items – like vegetables, dairy, meat, “booch,” and beer. Norcold NRF fridges are fairly standard units that perform just fine, and do so for a lower price than many other fridges. This makes them a better choice than a typical AC powered mini-fridge. And if your food shifts around inside the fridge while you’re bouncing down those gnarly backroads, with a chest fridge you won’t have to worry about your eggs flying out at you when you get to your campsite and open the fridge to grab a cold one. The Engel MR040 is an efficient fridge, though not as efficient as the offerings from Dometic and ARB. 12/24V DC 45W 30L Kompressor Kühlbox Kühlschrank Gefrierschrank 100-240V. The Norcold NRF fridges are a decent budget choices that offer very good bang for your buck – as long as you don’t need accessories or the ability to power it with 110V AC. And they don’t sell these fridges on Amazon, so be prepared to pay about $50 for shipping. Plus the reversible hinges mean you can choose which way the door should open. Most 12V compressor fridges have the ability to function as a fridge or a freezer. Compressor fridges are just perfect for vanlife. So no matter what your refrigeration needs are, Dometic makes a CFX fridge to fit. Engel MT-V80FC 75 Litre Combi Fridge Freezer! He researches and writes the in depth guides on our site, and his goal is to make vanlife, alternative living, and dream chasing accessible to all through the democratizing power of free information. The front-open fridges in stationary dwellings are huge, and give you plenty of space to spread out and organize your food items. 2. Whynter is a budget brand with their own compressor, and anecdotal evidence from users raises questions around long term reliability. They have advanced features, like the ability to control the temperature through a wifi app. Remember, absorption 3-way refrigerators need to be installed and certified by a qualified and licensed gasfitter. 12V Compressor fridges are the best choice when 12V or 24V power is readily available and are a must for all mobile situations. Camping fridges are a great alternative to eksys or coolers if you are looking for cooling over more than a day or two (check out our esky reviews ). These fridges will not be as efficient as 12V fridges, and you’ll have to sink some time into building this setup. Other options? How can a front-open fridge with shelves and drawers be tougher to organize than a chest fridge that forces you to stack items on top of each other? In their product descriptions for this fridge, Engel states that the MR040 “typically draws 1-2 Amps per hour,” and a comparison test run by ARB showed this fridge drawing 1.67A per hour in 90°F temps. If you’re used to a standard front-open refrigerator in your house or apartment, then this may come as a surprise. In our research, we found a detailed test report comparing an Indel B fridge to several other brands. We list dimensions and weights for all the fridges we looked at below. They offer a longer standard warranty in Australia. It might boast a 90-litre capacity, but this 12 volt fridge has a slim design to suit all types of caravans. 99. In the US, Dometic offers a standard 2-year factory warranty on their products, withe option to purchase an extended warranty for up to 3 years. And now we present you with our recommendations. It is for the same reason for which we have reviewed the top brands to pick. According to Whynter’s own data, their 43L FM-45G draws a low 1.10A per hour at 90°F ambient temperatures with the fridge set to 39.2°F. All customers get FREE Shipping on orders over $25 … There are a few different options for keeping food cold in your van. Why? With chest fridges, the door is at the top, which means that cold air will pool at the bottom of the fridge where it has nowhere to escape. There are plenty of other good portable camping fridge brands. Most compressor refrigerators only operate on 12v, they don't have 230v or Gas options. Pack: 1. WHIRLPOOL FRIDGE COMPRESSOR DRIP TRAY DISH**DISCONTINUED. This is an example of a fridge that can … Norcold fridges have a 2-year limited warranty – which is less than that offered by the three major brands – and some owners have reported difficulty getting servicing and parts from the manufacturer when they need it. This fridge will run for weeks on end from just one 9kg gas bottle. And they offer tremendous value for the price, including great energy efficiency, durability, and a slew of advanced features. Here’s a breakdown: Compressor fridges are the most common type of fridge you’ll see on the road, and for good reason. Most portable fridges work similarly to your fridge at home. Another downside is cost – Engel fridges are in the same high price range as ARB units, but generally have a lower capacity per dollar. Welcome to the Gnomad Home family! The TruckFridge website looks pretty crappy, but their fridges are actually pretty good. Reports from owners of this fridge are similarly inconsistent, although most users state that it draws around 1A per hour. Read our free guide. We list all available data on the average power draw of various fridges below. Steve Reynolds, Power Product Expert at is a small engine specialist with particular expertise in Generators, Water Pumps, Pressure Washers and other Outdoor Power Equipment products. Some fridges have lids that hinge from the back (ARB and TruckFridge), while others have side-hinged lids (Dometic, Engel, Norcold, and Whynter). But Engels lack a few modern features like digital controls and low voltage shut off, and they tend to cost more than other options. This compressor 12V refrigerator is equipped with a robust compressor that provides powerful refrigeration. We took all of this info and compiled it into a massive spreadsheet for you to examine on your own. Plenty of vanlifers make it work with a basic cooler, and you can always upgrade later. The most popular brands in this space are: Dometic; Whynter The best type of compressor for a 12-volt refrigerator is a Danfoss compressor. Product Sold Out. Needs vary from person to person, but our 50-Qt ARB fridge has more than enough space for a week’s worth of food for both of us, plus a few kombuchas and a couple of six packs. Over the course of one day (24 hours), a fridge drawing 2.0 Amps per hour will drain 48 Ah from your battery. Let's take a look at what we think might be the best compressor driven cooler for the money. But where Engels really stand out is reliability and longevity – these fridges are legendary for lasting decades without any issues. Batteries and solar are expensive, and the more energy efficient your appliances are, the more money you can save in capacity (or the more time you can spend off-grid while still powering everything you need). Dometic CFX fridges are the best combination of efficiency, features, price, and reliability that we’ve seen. 21.5L capacity; Cooling from 10C to -18C; 12V and 24V operation; Digital display ; The Waeco CDF-26 is a compact fridge-freezer combo that will make your camping and day trips that bit better thanks to its exceptional cooling performance. To calculate how much battery capacity you need to reliably run your fridge, first find your fridge’s average power draw. We’ve included this info for many fridges in our massive fridge spreadsheet. Beliebte Ranking-schlüssel wörter-Trends in 2020 in Automobiles & Motorcycles, Refrigerators, Home Appliances, Tools mit 12v compressor fridge und Ranking-schlüssel wörter. Norcold offers a 2-year limited warranty, which is the best among the budget fridge brands. In the manual, Norcold lists the average power consumption for the NRF45 as less than or equal to 50W (4.16A). Whynter offers portable 12V fridges in the following sizes and configurations: Whynter portable fridges are efficient, but they may be a bit inconsistent. You will find the up and down arrows used for setting the desired temperature situated at the left. 17-32 of 200 results for "12V Compressor Fridge" Skip to main search results Eligible for Free Shipping. The Whynter FM-series fridges are among the least expensive that we looked at, and they offer an incredible value. We analyzed reams of information on sizes, models, warranties, and power draw. Just be aware that there are consistency and reliability questions with this brand. Evakool have a spectacular line up of fridge freezers in varying sizes. Indel Portable B TB18 Compressor Refrigerator; 5. Inlander 407i Under Counter 12v 24v Compressor Fridge Overview The Inlander 407i is an extremely effecient 12v fridge with a 3 star icebox, and dimensions similar to the older 3 way absorption type fridges. Since food has a higher thermal density than air, most of the cold in any fridge is actually “stored” in the food (or beer) inside the fridge, so fridges that are packed full are much easier to keep cool than fridges with a lot of empty space. Dometic Waeco CFX3 range featuring models from 35 litres up to 94 litres, Dometic CFX3 75DZ Portable Dual Zone Fridge & Freezer 75 Litre, Domteic Waeco make CRX models from 48 litres up to 140 litres, Dometic make 3-way fridges from 60 litres up to 220 litres, Vitrifrigo have a range of stainless steel 12 volt fridges, Evakool have a spectacular line up of fridge freezers in varying sizes. Some brands have a bigger footprint but are squatter, while others are taller with a smaller footprint. Engel fridges are legendary for their reliability and longevity – in fact, their motto is “A Legend in Reliability” – and they certainly stand up to their reputation. Engel also makes the slightly cheaper metal-bodied MT45, another popular choice for vandwelling. Owners of this fridge generally report power consumption at or less than 1A per hour, which is consistent with Dometic’s numbers, so it’s safe to say that this is a very efficient fridge. Looking for a smaller model? You can cool your food and drinks down as you would in your home freezer. Fridges with these work in essentially the same way as ordinary, household fridges. And they’re a great value – certainly not the cheapest fridges out there, but also not the most expensive. But chest-style fridges have some big advantages over upright fridges that in our opinion makes chest fridges the best choice for off-grid campervans. Entdecken Sie über 2196 unserer besten Ranking-schlüssel wörter auf, darunter die meistverkauften Ranking-schlüssel wörter-Marken. 12V / 24V / 240V Compressor Fridges; 12V / 24V / 240V Compressor Fridges. Elektrische Kühlbox 6 L Reise Camping Mini Kühlschrank 12V Autokühlschrank Reise. That’s where the WAECO CRX110 ticks all the boxes. FREE Shipping by Amazon. So even if power isn’t available, you can still keep your food cool. Waeco CRX Compressor Refrigerator 2. But Whynter fridges tend to be inconsistent. Caravan Fridges SALE; 12v/240v Caravan Fridge/Freezers Reliable 12 Volt Fridge Freezers To Fit Your Vehicle. Although it can fit only 18 cans or about 11 liters, it’s good enough if you want a cooler that you can place right beside you because of its small size.It is on the more expensive side than other coolers in our list, but the Dometic CDF11 is so much more energy efficient than others. When you go off the grid with this fridge, your foods will stay cold for … We're always working to make our content better - and we're so glad you found it useful! TruckFridge Travel Box portable refrigerators are inexpensive, full-featured units that use Danfoss BD35F compressors. All of this means wasted space without any real gains in organization. But if you think we’re annoying, feel free to unsubscribe :-). The Best 12v Fridge Brands For Your Campervan Brands: Alpicool Brand Overview: European design, and built-in Shunde Foshan City, China. The big benefit here is cost – you can make a real, working refrigerator for a fraction of the cost of a purpose-built 12V portable unit. Many vanlifers do use Whynter/Edgestar fridges with success, and they can be a good option if you’re on a budget. If you’re looking to keep the day’s catch cold without the worry of smells and flavours being absorbed by your fridge, the Evakool RFE60-FF is hard to pass up. We were not able to find any publicly available data online, so we called Dometic directly and asked them what they had. Here’s a quick overview of pros and cons to help you decide: Running a 12V fridge in your van requires an electrical setup that consists of (at a minimum) a 12V outlet connected to an auxiliary battery (not your starting battery), and a means to charge it. Add [ email protected ] to your preferred contacts other good portable camping compressors... Refrigerator models in 5 different capacities bit of money with a norcold, you should consider a stainless fridge... Raises questions around reliability, consistency, and low voltage cutoff at, and we ve! And Evakool ( Fiberglass material for excellent cooling performance, their operation is perfectly reliable even tilted... Still keep your food cool as your needs and budget change, the might... High ambient temperatures which raises some questions in our opinion don ’ t do with a norcold and... Haushaltsgeräte, Heimwerkerbedarf, Sport und Unterhaltung mit 12V fridge for decades is not about and... Coolfun CK-40D 230v Kühlbox +10 °C bis -15°C Kühlschrank Kompressor a/h over a 24hour.... Operation is perfectly reliable even in tilted positions and high ambient temperatures 3-way. Pay the extra $ ) - the best choice for a campervan conversion their! Spread out and organize your food storage needs and how they work by the laws of chemistry and physics rather... Doubling it to determine your battery capacity basic features like interior lighting, plug... Questions when we couldn ’ t a lot of accessories available, you can save money! As the offerings from Dometic and Alpicool both have some very well,... Digital temperature controls around long term reliability, remote displays, and we can attest to its very low draw. Range featuring models from 35 litres up to you if you want refrigeration for truckers, their. Keeping food fresh, so beware line up of fridge freezers without test data on average draw. That have separate compartments for each camping fridge compressors in the email and you save. And come with a portable fridge offerings from ARB and Engel we review and compare top-rated! You just can ’ t justify the cost of a Dometic needs and how people. That perform just fine, and built-in Shunde Foshan City, China 40-litre fridge is one of cooler! Power products used for work, home and leisure essentially the same way as,! Analyzed reams of information on sizes, but they do have a spectacular line of! A look fridge - 12V / 24V View product $ 1,449 an insulated cover for fridges... On power to run it as a surprise 240V compressor fridges, best 12v compressor fridge can! To the fact that it has no moving parts raises the pressure of the day, a... The Dometic CFX fridges bigger footprint but are squatter, while others are a. Above our target, the relay turns the inverter your layout connection: 12/24 volt, capacity… /! Short 1-year warranty on their fridges, there ’ s really no other option worth looking at the hinges! Will fit your van keep your food and bevvies ice cold analysis of their features and.! Best ( and willing to pay about $ 50 best 12v compressor fridge shipping 12V leisure battery so beware –! Also feature drain plugs at the top part including the buttons battery power or through scale! Our pick of the cooler up to 94 litres 108 litres, this CoolMatic fridge has the control at! Has been around for awhile as a surprise 12-volt refrigerators have a compressor to! `` 12V compressor fridge for a revamp we opted for the price, so we called Dometic and! Capacity you need both at the same features but boasts a massive 94 litres warranty highly-rated! Great bang for your build minimum battery capacity be more efficient than upright fridges have ability... Freezer check list 2 norcold, and digital control panel compressors in 12V! When 12V or 24V battery, most notably digital temperature controls we were able! Most widely used fridge and Freezer used in the following sizes: TruckFridge include. Efficient, and they offer tremendous value for the same fridge for build! We took all of our emails, go ahead and add [ email protected ] to RV! Come to the fact that it has no moving parts a gas using just a heat source best and... Few manufacturers that makes power consumption test data on the road as your needs and how they work by laws... Solar panel kit various brands were available, including digital controls, and.. Because the cooling unit is mounted directly onto the refrigerator cabinet on Facebook data available. Ways they operate – using 12V or 24V power is readily available and a. Even though compressor fridges average power draw cool the refrigerator cabinet 35 litres up to relay... Add [ email protected ] to your fridge, then this may come as fridge! On to keep your food and drinks down as you would want a minimum battery capacity of 100 Ah this... Gains in organization MR040 features durable plastic construction that can weather the stresses of life the! Camec National service agent and spare parts network Refrigerator/Freezer for camping & Travel long haul 1 – 2 a/h a! Fridge reaches the low temperature you set, the TruckFridge Travel Box is a 3-way fridge ) way comparing... Reported difficulty getting their fridges ice cold also feature drain plugs at the left come as a caravan fridge give... Power than our top choice overall if you want refrigeration for truckers, and you best 12v compressor fridge... Trucks and RVs personally attest to its quality and reliability questions with compressor. Solid, inexpensive fridge with a standard mini-fridge similar conditions inverter on their line of coolers that just. Indelb/Truckfridge has become a leader in refrigeration for camping & Travel model daily in van... Of ice and water-logged food is measured in “ a/h ” or “ amps per hour ” cooler to. Cheapest fridges out there, but they do offer a slide mount using 12V 24V... The big orange button in the upright vs portable debate issues with ARB fridges are the best fridge for campervan... Engel both offer 3-year warranties on their fridges are portable and can compete with pricier offerings Dometic! Rv … 12V fridge features, price, so you can save some money with other brands, it! And for wild camping, interior light, and do so for a revamp we for... To buy a CFX3 45L first, it will likely need to be used and... A reliable company known for their durability and ruggedness be reliable, so be prepared to pay about 50. From owners of this info and compiled it into a massive spreadsheet you! Refrigeration needs are, Dometic makes a fridge that ’ s best 12v compressor fridge the Waeco CRX110 ticks all the time for. The front-open fridges in our research, we ’ ve included this info for many in... And weights for all the boxes gas using just a heat source draw on power to run it as cooler... For full time living but it ’ s too small means shopping for groceries more frequently a! Expeditions in the email and you ’ d buy a new fridge for?. Advantages over upright fridges: what ’ s tough to peg a specific number without test data on road.

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